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May is the Month of Kindness!


HELPIS Declares May a Month of Celebration of Those Who Promote Generosity and Kindness


When so many people are struggling with major life difficulties, like job loss or financial troubles, it is important to remind ourselves that as a community, we have responsibility for each other. Sharing others’ burdens, whether large or small, makes those burdens feel less heavy for everyone. With that in mind, HELPIS is declaring May a month of celebration. This month, HELPIS is challenging people to help someone in need without asking for anything in return as a reminder that even simple acts of kindness can heal, uplift, inspire, and improve the lives of others.


Joyce Deliyiannis, founder of HELPIS, had the perfect opportunity to help those in need as a Master Stylist at D’Spa by Dellaria. When newly unemployed clients came in for a haircut, she would provide those haircuts free of charge. “I wanted nothing in return from my clients,” said Deliyiannis. “I simply wanted them to leave my chair feeling good about themselves. My hope was that their positive attitude would help them take those first steps into a new phase of life and eventually, spread to others.” Often, their positive attitude, along with their new look and a little help from Deliyiannis’ extensive network of friends, family, and business contacts, helped her clients land new jobs. “When people know they are cared for, they are empowered to move forward,” Deliyiannis said.


Deliyiannis believes that kindness has the power to bring hope to those searching for it and by extension, change lives. She started HELPIS to work toward building a community of equals, providing whatever kindnesses they are able to the people they encounter. We hear so much in the news about Americans who are struggling, but we don’t always know who they are. When you look for opportunities to help, you might realize that your neighbor is one of those struggling Americans. When those wrestling with adversity have a face, turning away becomes impossible and responsibility to the community grows.


Deliyiannis explains, “My hope is that when people help others respectfully with no expectations, they will feel good about doing the right thing, which will inspire them to do more. A few generous people can build a dynamic network of kindness if they keep in mind that together, anything is possible.”



My cause is to bring out the kindness in people as a mass.  There are so many holidays that exists in which not everyone can be a part of.  Not everyone is a mother on mother’s day, a father on fathers day and most holidays just mean another day off… I would like for the month 0f May to welcome the whole world to celebrate and surround itself with kindness.  Where we can get as many people to do one random (or not so random) act of kindness and instead of hearing only bad news for once being informed of all the positive acts that people do.  Because kindness is contagious and it only influences other people to do good. 


HELPIS  Help me help someone.

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