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They Are Helping Us, Help You

Important Donation Information

***Please note that HelpIs is not accepting unsolicited donations of furniture, household decorations, shoes, or out of season clothing. We do have many ways that people can help meet the immense need our community is experiencing! You can donate directly from the HelpIs website at, or so by clicking the Amazon wishlist links that are posted often and needed supplies will be delivered directly to HelpIs.

HelpIs will gratefully accept clean, sorted in-season clothing such as winter coats, pants, sweatshirts, boots, and warm pajamas. There is always a great need for diapers, wipes, menstrual products, non-perishable food especially snacks for children, new underwear and new socks. When there is a specific emergency need for other things, we will post it immediately!***

We all work together at HelpIs to connect people who have a need with people who can help out with that need. HelpIs has no storage facility or ability to save out-of-season items for the next year, and is an all-volunteer group. One of the magical things about HelpIs is the ability to get needed donations to the people who will use them quickly - usually within days - eliminating the need to store and sanitize large quantities of items.

Earlier this week someone left bags with several toys with necessary pieces missing, meaning that it would not be possible for a child to use them, and a parent wouldn't feel good about giving them to their child. HelpIs works hard to protect the dignity of those in need, in part by ensuring that all donations are clean, safe and in good working order.

In order to keep HelpIs volunteers safe, we ask that volunteer's personal addresses not be shared online and donors contact a HelpIs board member before dropping off donations.

Please send a private message to the administrators to coordinate any drop-offs. (Joyce Deliyiannis, Karen Parker, or Kate Tree)

We believe that people have the best of intentions, but when items that are not useable are left, it is difficult for us to do anything but put them in the trash. Please see our file for donation guidelines, and we thank each and every one of you for helping us help others.

Thank you for your help in keeping HelpIs the vibrant community organization it is!

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