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Who We Are: Those Who Need, Ask or Cry For Help Deserve To Be Helped

"WHO WE ARE" Eight billion people live on earth. Half the world lives in poverty. One in ten people goes to bed hungry, one in eight does not have a job, and one in seven does not drink clean water. Every fifteen seconds a kid dies of hunger. Every day five thousand kids die from unsafe water and thirty thousand kids die from preventable diseases and malnutrition. This is a suffering pattern that gets passed on because we feed the “I” and forget the “We”. It does not honor humans. What have we done? Who have we become?

We are a social movement in the State of Massachusetts with the name HELPIS (Hope).

We connect people in need with people that wish to help.

We brighten the purpose of our lives by helping others.

We extend the arm of love and kindness.

We offer ourselves without asking for anything in return.

We give from our hearts to heal broken hearts.

We salute the kind and generous acts of giving that can change the world in the name of Reason.

The State of Massachusetts has honored our work by declaring the month of May KINDNESS month.

Our Vision is to spread our message across the fifty states of our country.

It is a simple Message: Those who need, ask or cry for help deserve to be helped.


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