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Featured Kindness: Transgender Teen Experiencing Homelessness

HELPIS received a touching request for clothing and shoes for a transgender teen experiencing homelessness. Many people don’t realize that one in five transgender individuals have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.

Rejection by family, discrimination and violence are some of the reasons that an estimated 20-40% of the more than 1.6 million homeless youth are LGBTQ.

The social worker mentioned that the teen likes clothes that sparkle, and this struck us as a symbol of the hope this young person has for the future.

We hope that this donation of new clothing, sneakers and outerwear sends a message of hope to this young person that people do care, and their life does matter.

We are blown away by the response of care and kindness for this young person!

We extend our warmest thanks to Tara Kelly. After hearing about this young person from Joyce, Tara volunteered to go shopping. Tara, thank you for bringing so much sparkle to this teen’s life!


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