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Featured Kindness: Family Who Lost Everything in a Fire

HELPIS received an urgent request for a local family with five children who suffered the loss of their home and all belongings in a fire yesterday. They fled their home with nothing but the pajamas they were wearing, and moved to an emergency shelter.

We received donations of new or clean, gently used clothing and new underwear, socks and shoes in the sizes listed below for this family as they figured out how to start over! Thank you so much, for letting this family know that they matter to our community!!!

Our Helpists responded so quickly and generously to an urgent request for a family with 5 children who recently lost their home and all of their belongings in a fire. Within several hours, everything that was on the HELPIS wish list for this family was purchased and on it's way to HELPIS. Others chose to drop off donations.

We are constantly amazed at how our community comes together in times of crisis to help each other.

Although this family can't get back what they lost, they can start over with all of the basic necessities and the knowledge that so many people care enough to help lift them back up.


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