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Featured Kindness: Chesterbrook After-School Program

Thanks to your generosity and kindness, we fulfilled another request.

HELPIS' Joyce Deliyiannis and Karen Parker Meyers prepared everything to go to the Chesterbrook After-School Program. It took 2 SUVs to deliver all of the amazing donations from our donors who care enough to want to make sure these children have what they need. We brought clothing in all sizes, outerwear, undergarments, games, kid sized blankets, snacks, masks, art supplies and more. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to help us fulfill the request. The response was incredible!

This amazing program is for children living in the Chesterbrook Gardens housing developments. They provide homework help, healthy snacks/groceries for the families, academic enrichment, mentoring opportunities with Bentley University students and a safe place to go. This unique learning center is housed within the children's community, making it easier for the children and the parents and making it an important part of the community.

What is the Chesterbrook Learning Center?

Based in Waltham, the Chesterbrook Community Foundation operates the Chesterbrook Learning Center, a free after-school program for at-risk children who live in the housing development. The Learning Center is a place where the children can come after school and find a safe, supportive environment. Moreover, Bentley University provides student mentors who assist the children with their homework and serve as role models who motivate the children to learn and help them to realize that they too can strive to go to college. Most of the children have reported that their grades have improved as a result of the help they receive at the Center, and recently two high school students went on to college with the Center’s help and support. In addition to homework help, the Center also provides indoor and outdoor games, arts and crafts activities, and computers.

During the first HELPIS delivery/visit to the after school program for at-risk children living in the Chesterbrook Housing community, we were told about a special group of kids. This group of 4 friends would go to borrow a skateboard from another kid in the community and they would all take turns on it. Joyce and I thought it would be a great surprise for the boys if we could bring each boy his own skateboard during our next visit.

We put out a request to see if anyone wanted to help out. Lynda Page and Karen Lockney responded immediately and together purchased 4 of the coolest skateboards for the boys, complete with carrying case and tightening tools.

Thank you Lynda and Karen. These boys will be absolutely ecstatic when they receive these amazing gifts. I'm sure your act of kindness will inspire them to want to share their skateboards with the other children in the close-knit community.


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