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Luann Arsenault, Secretary


Luann Arsenault was born and raised in Burlington, MA.  She began her career working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Secretary to the Justices of the Middlesex County Superior Court.  After taking time off to start a family she returned to work at the Expo Design Center where she maintained operations in the Computer Room and Bookkeeping Departments.  At Clarity Imaging Technologies, Inc., she held the title of Account Communication Coordinator.


Luann knows firsthand how devastating the loss of a job can be, having faced unemployment in 2009.  It was at this time that Luann had the privilege of meeting Joyce Deliyiannis when she went to Joyce for a complimentary haircut, never imagining the visit would be the beginning of a great friendship.


In 2011, Luann experienced unemployment once again after working for Konarka Technologies, a solar company in Lowell, MA, which filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and ceased operations.  Experiencing these hardships, especially as a single mother, has made Luann sympathetic to others in similar situations.


Luann was hired by TIBCO Software in 2013 and continues to work for them in her role as Executive Assistant.

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