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They Are Helping Us, Help You

Throw a Baby Shower

A creative and fun way to help new mothers who are underprivileged and devastated by poverty, domestic abuse, unemployment, and homelessness is to throw a Baby Shower with your friends and family to collect items to donate. The items collected will be distributed by HELPIS to new moms through the various programs we work with on a regular basis.


Please reach out to us for more information or to let us know about your volunteer efforts! 

***Additionally, please see our note about the types of donations HELPIS does and does need here. 

Suggestions for Baby Care Packages:

How to Throw a Baby Shower (for general collections):

Step 1. Create a registry (on the Target, Amazon, Babylist, etc. websites)

Step 2. Throw a baby shower and invite your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to attend

Step 3. Have a great time!

Step 4. Deliver items to HELPIS, where they will be distributed to mothers in need through various programs



We also accept donations of individual items and gift cards which can be combined with others to fulfill the needs of new mothers by our HELPIS volunteers.

If you would like to host a Baby Shower, or contribute items to be delivered to new moms, please let us know.

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