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Kate Tree Mun, LCSW, Treasurer


Kate Tree Mun lives in Burlington, Massachusetts with her partner, children and two dogs.  As part of a multi-racial family, Kate has been involved in organizations promoting social justice and equity for many years.  Kate holds a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from Salem State University.


Kate is a licensed clinical social worker with experience working with youth and families involved with the child welfare system as well as foster families and adoptive families.  Kate has worked as a clinician at JRI residential schools for children as well as a youth permanency worker, family resource worker, trainer, and consultant with Plummer Youth Promise in Salem, Massachusetts.  Kate believes strongly in the intrinsic worth of all people, and providing support to those in need with dignity and respect.


Kate became involved with HelpIs through her work with youth in foster and residential care.  Kate believes in the mission of HelpIs and has witnessed the positive power of HelpIs on children and families, and is excited to be part of making it all happen!

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