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Kathy Narkewich, Director


Kathy was the Creative Principal of Graphic Interlude LLC, a graphic
design studio located in Windham NH, for over 18 years. Having a passion
for design as well as for business, her career as a graphic designer, retail
stylist and entrepreneur was the best fit for her. Not only did she have
a degree in all disciplines, but she had a strong interest and resolve to
help small businesses succeed. As a result, Kathy was able to provide
her clients with intelligent graphic designs and well designed spaces,
integrating both successfully to make a meaningful impact on their brand.


During Kathy's successful career as a graphic designer, it was very
important to her to give back to society. In doing so, she provided probonographic design services to many national and local organizations
like NOCC (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition), Accelerated Cure Project
for Multiple Sclerosis, Havens for Healing, Rise Up Lacrosse and one near
and dear to her heart HELPIS.


About 7 years ago a friend (a former board member for HELPIS) told
Kathy about HELPIS. After hearing the story about the founder, Joyce
Deliyiannis, her team and their kindness movement, Kathy immediately
clicked with the people and this organizations heart and soul. She wanted
to be part of this amazing group and offered her pro-bono graphic design
service to them!


"HELPIS has taught me so much," Kathy said. "I have to be honest, I kind
of lived my life in a bubble. I didn't realized how many homeless people
there are. And I didn't realize how many people were down and out that
just needed some help and kindness to get on their feet. My image of
homeless people and those in need were totally incorrect. These people
in need are just like you and I, the only difference is that they have fallen
on hard times. Some have had executive jobs and beautiful homes but
were diagnosed with cancer and lost everything due to their high medical
expenses, some of domestic abuse that want to start a new, safe life, and
some of opioid addiction to name a few. They just need and deserve help
through kindness. HELPIS truly opened my eyes!"


Kathy has since retired as Creative Principal of Graphic Interlude but
continues to provide graphic design services for HELPIS with an open

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